When our son was near the end of his life, we made a very important decision. It was something that was very hard for us to do, though I don’t know why it was. We decided because we shared our son so much with strangers, there was no reason why we shouldn’t share him one last time. So we made the decision to donate what organs we could. The day we donated his organs changed our lives and it also changed the lives of at least 4 people if not more that we don’t even really know about.

We decided right from the very beginning we wanted to meet any of the recipients who wanted to meet us. To us it was just a small way of being able to connect a little with our boy one more time.

It will be 4 months since his passing this week, and last week, which for some reason was harder then even Mother’s Day, we received a card from his right kidney recipient. Through tears I read it and realized just how much impact our little boy had on just one person. This person thanked us over and over again for our sacrifice and giving them a second chance on life. I look forward to meeting this person one day. While we have never met them, they are family now.

I was once again reminded of my second chance so many years ago when I was 5 years old. I was given a second chance because of a sacrifice so many years ago.

A Father sacrificed his only Son on a cross so that I could have a second chance at life. So that I could life forever. I take for granted just what God the Father and God the Son did for me on that Cross. God was willing to sacrifice Himself for me, a sinner, even though He was perfect and sinless. I was given a Heart transplant. My heart was black and dead, but after my heart transplant, it is now alive again and healthy.

Saying goodbye to your child is never easy. We were give the ability to say goodbye longer then some people. Some are never able to say goodbye at all because the death of their child is so fast. Knowing, through our hurt, that someone has a second chance at life has made it easier for us. Knowing they are getting a chance to live once more because of our boy make my heart a little happier and a little less broken.

I will never look at organ donation the same way again. Giving yours or your family member’s Organs to complete strangers is not a decision that is taken lightly, but in the end, it is worth every agonizing moment.

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