Mummified Parasites

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In the last few weeks my daughter has fallen in the love with the PBS show called Wild Kratts. If you don’t know what this show is, it’s these two brothers Chris and Martin who interact with animals and they go into animation with the phrase, “What If?”

They then explore the “Creature Powers” the animals may have. In one of the episodes they talked about walruses being able to break open oyster shells with their tusks and of course inside the shells there are pearls.

It was then that they started talking about pearls as being Mummified Parasites.

If you are not familiar with how a pearl is formed, a pearl is a defense mechanism against parasites and irritants that enter the oyster shell. The oyster covers the irritant or parasite with a special substance and continues to put layers on it which forms a beautiful pearl. It can actually go on for years and the longer it goes, the bigger the pearl.

The most ideal pearl are round ones, but they can come in many shapes, and although most are iridescent in color, they come in many different colors, the rarest being black pearls.

I started thinking about these pearls and how it was a lot like the hard times we go through. Now I know when you listen to a sermon about trials, the pastor usually uses the illustration about gold and how the only way to purify gold is to put it through fire before it comes out perfect on the other side. But there is something about pearls that might just make sense when it comes to trials.

Trials Irritate Us

Just like with an oyster, trails are like irritants that enter into our lives and make a mess of our lives. It can be the tiniest trial that can irritate us, but that’s when the beauty starts. Of course not all trials irritate, most are painful. I know this all to well as my son’s death has left a huge hole in my heart. That empty place leaves a huge raw place in my heart for all the things that could have been and no longer will be.

Trials Can Rub Us Raw or We Can Make Something Beautiful Out of Them

An oyster has a choice when it has been invaded. It can either let the parasites and irritants take over it’s shell and body, or it can cover it with it’s coating and making something beautiful that is wanted by people around the world. We can let our trials eat us up inside and take over our bodies and minds. We can forget about what life is all about and be unwilling to learn from our hardships. We can become cold and bitter and resentful, shaking our fists at God and telling Him how dare He do this to us.

Or we can learn from our pain. We can look at our circumstances and see the bigger picture. We coat our trials with prayer, and memories and the good times. We can let God coat it with all the blessings we will receive from the trials, and something beautiful beyond our imagination will come out of it.

The Trials Effects Never Go Away

Oyster’s are constantly coating their pearls and making it bigger. We will always have a lasting residue of our trials. They will never go away. We will think about that trial days, weeks, months and years down the road, and each time we will put a coating of memories around it. One day when it is finished, it will be a beautiful jewel ready for someone to claim.

My trial is still being coated. It’s only been 4 and half months. But every once in awhile I look and I can see a little sparkle of what that beauty is going to be. I’m not going to know what the final product looks like until I get to heaven. But I know for sure that whatever it ends up looking like, I want it to be worthy of my Savior so that I can give it back to Him with all the praise for everything He had planned.

So many people don’t understand trials. They aren’t able to see past the trial for what it can become. But there is the potential of something beautiful to come out of it if only they are willing to try.

Trials are going to come. Everyone is going to have trials. It’s what we are willing to learn from them that will make your life more beautiful.

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