A Girl’s Love for her Daddy

When my daughter was first born, and for most of her first year, there was only one person she would let snuggle with her, Me. She wouldn’t let anyone else hold her for long periods of time and especially not her Daddy. I could never figure out why. Then one day, she decided that it was ok to sit on Daddy’s lap and she slowly grew to the point where she was sitting on his lap more and more. She would even take naps on his lap.

Now I am really seeing a difference in my daughters reaction to her daddy. She loves to curl up on his lap and talk to him after he comes home from work. When we get in or out of the car it’s “Daddy buckle me in”, or “Daddy buckle me out.” She follows him around like a puppy and loves to get up on his lap and say. “I Love You, Daddy”. We’ve also discovered that if she is having a hard time falling asleep, cuddling with Daddy usually does the trick. I love listening to her sweet little laugh as he tickles her or picks on her, and how she snuggles up close to him when there is a loud crash of thunder overhead.

I have no doubt in my mind that she loves her Daddy. Dr. Meg Meeker talks about the relationship between father and daughter and she says there is one man that a woman will take to her grave and that is her Daddy. There is such a special bond that girls have with their fathers. Even if there is strain or discord in the relationship, a girl tends to do the things she does because of her Daddy or in many cases the lack of her Daddy.

I can remember the many trips on my dads motorcycle on Friday afternoons after my school work was done. We would go down roads and explore them, whether we knew where it led or not. That was my bonding time with my dad. I was very disappointed when he sold his motorcycle because I loved those special times with him.

Daddy’s a pretty special. While in a kids mind a Mother has to love you, because well, she’s their mom, kids have a tendency to look at their father’s love in a different light. They think they have to please their dad’s in order for their dad to love them. For so many Dad’s this is far from the truth. There is something deep down inside a child that makes them do whatever they can to be sure their Dad’s love them.

My daughter doesn’t have to do anything at all for her Daddy to love her. I can see his love for her every time he picks her up. She is at that fragile age of 3 where she needs her daddy and I am so thankful that she has grown to be more of a Daddy’s girl then when she was a baby.

Tomorrow is the beginning of June and it’s Father’s Day month. I want to celebrate the Dads in my life. They mean so much to me.  I hope you do, too.

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